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Employer Program:
Preventive Cardio-Oncology 

We are thrilled to be able to help your employees and you.

We see a range of consults in executive and preventive heart health, to help your employees pursue and maintain customized healthy lifestyles that help them bring their best selves to work.


We stand out from every other preventive or executive heart health program for the following reasons. We are founded and led by a preventive cardiologist and cardio-oncologist who trained at the world famous Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. No other combined preventive and executive heart health program is tailored for both general employees and employees who have ever been diagnosed with cancer in the past, currently, or in the future. Your collaboration with us ensures that we help protect your employees from the top two killers in the world: heart disease and cancer.


You simply can't find a program and its leadership just like this anywhere else.


Further, our founder infuses all areas of our care for employees with innovative tools, drawing on digital health, wearables, mobile health (mHealth), connected health, and remote patient monitoring, to help employees remain connected with us at any time, continuously sending physiologic data to the cloud. Our founder also makes expressive arts a foundation and mainstay of our care for employees, so that those who wish to participate in this way have ready access to tap into their creativity to enhance their wellness and self-care.

This creativity also spills over into their work for you.

All in all, we have a unique combination of services and collaborators who help us provide these services to your employees. In so doing, we give your employees the best value for your investment regarding the prevention and management of cardiovascular conditions and some cancers throughout the body, such as breast cancer or prostate cancer, which are the most common cancers primarily noted in women or men, respectively. All of our care is designed to optimize and enhance well-being.

We also incorporate and use proprietary cardiovascular assessment tools to predict heart disease and mitigate this risk.

We look forward to serving your employees and you.


Referrals for Preventive Cardio-Oncology

Preventive Cardio-Oncology refers to the prevention, monitoring, screening, and management of cardiovascular events related to the presence of cancer or the effects of cancer treatment, whether or not cancer is in or near the heart, with a particular focus on the prevention of all cardiovascular conditions along the continuum of cancer care. This includes primordial, primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention. Thus, Preventive Cardio-Oncology encompasses all of Cardio-Oncology, with special emphasis on Prevention.

How Your Employees Benefit

In general, cancer patients and survivors do not receive appropriate cardiovascular asessment and care, yet cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of mortality in this population. We collaborate to improve cancer care and cardiovascular outcomes.

We are your employees' bridge to better heart health.

Perspectives From A Family Touched By Breast Cancer

View perspectives from a family touched by breast cancer

and why they collaborate with us.

Costs and Reimbursement

We are thrilled to be able to help your employees and you.

We keep our direct pay costs low, for both Telehealth video visits and eConsults.

We also accept Medicare for both our Telehealth video vists and eConsults.

We are currently enrolling with additional insurance company plans.

Any employee whose insurance does not cover their low-cost services with us would have the option of pursuing a simple three-month payment plan for our services.

We look forward to serving your employees and you.

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