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Monthly Social

You Are Invited

Welcome! Our experienced clinical team is here to help you on this journey of preserving your heart spark and thriving in community lifelong. You are not alone. 

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Join other individuals, friends, & families whose lives have been forever touched by cancer. Learn more about each other's journeys & share stories, photos, tears, ideas, & hope. 

Come for as long as you can stay from 3 minutes to 3 hours!

Friday April 28th 2023

& The Last Friday Of Every Month

7-10 EST | 6-9 CST | 4-7 PST

Each monthly social has three parts after socialization & introductions.

1) Heart Health in Cancer Education Session,

2) Triumph: The Big Cut,

3) Breakthrough: The Bell Gala.

The evening closes out after recognizing those who have rung the bell each month, as well as supporting those who have made a big cut that month along with all others before, during, & even long after cancer treatment.

During the education session, you can ask questions & gain knowledge & strength to be aware of the risks of heart injury from cancer therapies, & become equipped with skills, resilience, & protective methods to shield your heart from injuries related to cancer treatment. Most individuals with cancer do not know that you are at risk for injury to the heart from cancer therapies until after the heart is already hurt. Many express frustration that no one told you or helped you find ways to protect your hearts from cancer therapies early after cancer diagnosis. We address this critical need by walking alongside you & providing education & protecting your heart.

The monthly social is hosted by the My Heart Spark Foundation Inc.


My Heart Spark Foundation Inc is a non-profit partner of My Heart Spark P.C., your heart health home to help you thrive & preserve your heart spark to have more precious time to spend with loved ones. Preventive Cardio-Oncology LLC, My Heart Risk in Cancer, & My Heart Spark P.C. serve as a safeguard for your heart, a secure space for lifelong heart health & protection. We help everyone especially cancer patients & survivors achieve lifelong health & wellness goals, with a focus on protecting the heart, & preventing heart disease & either first time or recurrent cancer. We use virtual/digital health to help you optimize your desired quality of life, precious time with loved ones & heart health. 

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