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Dr. Sherry-Ann Brown,
Founder of My Heart Spark P.C.

Sherry-Ann Brown MD, PhD, FACC, FAHA founded My Heart Spark P.C. just for you. For a woman who is looking for a medical home where you will feel heard and comfortable. For a man who is seeking a medical practice where your concerns are listened to and you can feel and be cared for. For any man or woman wanting to protect their hearts lifelong and preserve their heart spark.

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What Patients Have Said About Dr. Brown

Patients observe that Dr. Brown incorporates you in your care and thoroughly and attentively attends to your problems. Dr. Brown actively listens to her patients to make you feel heard, seen, and understood through her kind disposition. Even medical professionals are impressed by the quality of care Dr. Brown provides her patients, praising how wonderful it is to have Dr. Brown on your care team because of her professionalism and compassion and how much her upbeat outlook is appreciated. 

Medical personnel frequently employ language that is difficult for patients to understand when speaking too quickly. Dr. Brown takes a clear, patient approach that produces good outcomes. Patients have said that Dr. Brown explains everything in a way that is easy to understand. Dr. Brown takes the time to thoroughly explain everything to her patients in a way that is understandable and simple to take in. She is aware that better efficiency, effectiveness, and high-quality care occur when you are involved in your healthcare plan and understand your treatment alternatives. 

Other patients also remark on how thorough and exceptional Dr. Brown's care is. Patients have noted the high level of expertise, intelligence, perseverance, and patience required for this type of job. Patients have also commented that while few persons have these attributes, Dr. Brown has constantly demonstrated that she does. Dr. Brown makes sure you understand your unique treatment strategies. Her patients have praised her for listening to them, communicating at their level, and encouraging clarification until all issues have been answered.

As a patient of Dr. Brown, you will receive the best care possible because your health is in her capable hands. Dr. Brown views every patient as a unique individual, and your treatment plan will reflect this.

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